Self Motivation Books

Self Motivation

Self Motivation is very essential in everyday stressful life . In this busy world and hectic stressful life Reading comes as one of the self motivation techniques for a very good relaxation.As they say Books are your true friends , make reading a regular habit.

What is Self Motivation?

Self Motivation is a force that drives you to do things. Motivation is what pushes you to be more organised and achieve your Goals.

What is the difference between people who don’t achieve their Goals and those who achieve one after another. It is their Self Motivation. It is their Internal drive to achieve the Goals that helps them to move forward.

How do we keep yourself motivated ?

  •        First and the simplest thing is POSITIVE THINKING
  •         Dont compare with others .Compete with yourself. Try to be Better than yesterday.
  •         Avoid Procrastination. It  is your worst enemy
  •         Make a plan.
  •         Start with simple steps
  •         Be organised



Self Esteem is opinion of yourself. It is basically a judgement of oneself .People with low self esteem generally procrastinate in doing things because of low self confidence

Below is an image of a person with low self esteem

image of low self esteem

Some of the things that we need to work on

  • How do we change ourselves
  • Goal setting
  • Procrastination
  • Personal Acheivement


There are many motivational and inspirational books or Self help  to motivate us.



Some of the Top Inspirational Books that make a good reading are:

to name a few .

self motivation

These  self motivation books are easily available at

These books not only motivate us but also help us plan our life more efficiently.

Make it a habit to read  books with inspirational ,motivational  and positive thoughts everyday in the morning to make your day a blissful day and avoid a stressful life.

Self Motivation is an Internal process. Self help is the Best help

How does Reading these books help us

The books guide you how you can develop yourself.
These books give you examples of people who had overcome failures.
The books will help you change your way of thinking.
They motivate you to overcome procrastination and start doing things right now.
They help you in your personal achievement and finally in your Goal setting and Success.


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