Benefits of Walking



walking     Walking is to go or Travel on foot. Doing it everyday for 30 minutes is essential . Make it a part of your daily routine . You don’t need any special equipment . It is free and can be done at anytime of the day. Maybe  in  the morning or evenings would be ideal.

Why is walking necessary ?

It’s a great way to improve your health and fitness .Research has shown that for every hour sitting, 5 minutes of walking can reverse the harmful effects of arteries in legs. It helps you enjoy the Green Spaces .Not only that you breathe fresh air into your lungs . It  is a kind of aerobic Exercise and it counts towards your recommended amount of physical activity. It  is not only good for your health it also helps in improving your state of mind and happiness and makes you more confident.

Benefits of walking



  • Good for your heart: Increases your heart rate and strengthens your heart.It helps in reducing risk of heart disease and stroke. It helps in reducing your bad cholestrol and increases your good cholesterol


  • Lowers blood pressure: Research has shown walking 30 minutes 3 times a week is a proven way to reduce high blood pressure and manage hypertension


  • Helps in reducing weight : One of the easiest way to loose weight and helps you to be physically active


  • Good for diabetes : Type 2 diabetes patients have shown impressive improvement by making a modest increase in physical activity


  • Keeps you Happy : Again when you exercise you create neurons which makes you happy


How can you make your walk enjoyable


  • You can use Pedometer while walking to find out the number of steps you have walked
  • Make the activity pleasurable by taking friends along the walk.
  • Join a walking Group.
  • Watch the beautiful sunrise
  • Explore the greenery
  • Enjoy breathing the fresh air


Start your walk from today and let me know your Experience

Should you make walking a part of  your Daily routine ?


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