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The Traditional Folk Music and Dances of Spain: A Bibliographic Guide to Research.

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

The Traditional Folk Music and Dances of Spain: A Bibliographic Guide to Research. Vol. 1. By Israel J. Katz. New York: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 2009. (xlii, 337 p. ISBN 9781569541326. $45.) Illustrations, facsimiles, map, indexes. Writings focused on traditional music and dance in Spain span from the sixteenth century to the present, resulting in an enormous collective bibliography. At the beginning of the twentieth century, advancements achieved in the study of song by Eduardo Torner and dance by Aureli Capmany signaled a significant shift in the investigation of traditional Spanish music and dance. During this period, Spanish scholars Read More →

Spanish Music on a Luxury Holiday

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

Spanish music is known for its vibrancy and passion; from Flamenco dancing to Spanish guitar, its music is famous. With so many luxury hotels in Spain to choose from, you could combine a holiday of pampering and luxury, with traditional Spanish music and dance your nights away. Flamenco Why not centre a tailor made holiday in Spain around ? You could bring out your inner passion as your swing your hips in a local night club, returning to your luxury Spain hotel exhausted but invigorated. It would certainly be a different experience. Flamenco music dates back to late 18th century. Read More →

Types of Songs

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

A song is certainly one of the most prominent elements in music. You will come across several different categories of songs which have a unique mood and touch. As a result, they cannot be differentiated on the basis of specific factors. The main reason why songs cannot be marked in only one class is because the differences in their type of music, lyrics, and purpose. For example, a rap song can also be a Christian song, and a ballad can even have a metal music feel to it. However, songs may be roughly classified as per types of lyrics, music, Read More →

20 Interesting or Fun Facts about Europe

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

According to scholars, this continent received it’s name from a beautiful Phoenician princess in Greek mythology, Europa. Zeus, the King of the gods, saw her as she was gathering flowers by the sea and immediately fell in love with her. She was abducted by Zeus, who disguised himself as a magnificent white bull, and appeared on the sea shore, where the princess was playing. 2. Interesting or Fun Facts about Europe Vatican City is the smallest country of this continent with an area of 0.44 sq. km. It is considered an independent state, even though it is situated within the Read More →

Why Aaafx And Thinkforex Are Best For Forex Trading

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

Forex is all about maximizing the profits. Earning large profit is possible only when traders invest on trustworthy brokers that have taken excellent position in the market. In the foreign exchange market, several numbers of forex brokers are emerging for trading. AAAFX is the competent broke of FOREX market. It is an EU licenced and regulated broker that offer cash back rates of .70 Pips per round turn. The trading platform of this broker support multiple languages which is a convenient option for traders who speaks unique languages. Traders across the world can trade with this broker with risk free Read More →

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