Water Therapy-Advantages of Drinking Water

water therapy final

Firstly, you must understand about the definition of water therapy. In a simple explanation, it can be defined as the natural therapy which explores the use of water to deal with several diseases. Mainly, the therapy has the function to prevent and treat the diseases and can be used as rehabilitation too. In fact, sixty percent of human body consists of water. It affirms the opinion that water enables many healing applications. It works inside and outside the body.

Water Therapy is a form of Alternate Medicine.

Water taken early morning even before you brush your Teeth is known to cure Inumerable diseases. Hence It should be taken on an empty stomach .Avoid eating or drinking anything 1 hr before and after drinking it . As 70% of the earth is covered with Water ,so is our body

Apart from Water therapy, the other  Health Benefits of drinking water  are



  • While we are asleep the body is repairing itself. When we drink water, the  Cells gets nutrients.
  • Drinking water  in empty stomach is good for diabetic patients
  • Water Detoxifies the whole body and helps with a glowing skin
  • Drinking Water helps in improving your immune system
  • Water helps in maintaining body temperature
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Increases your energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • it helps you lead a positive life


Our body needs 8 glasses of water per day.Follow Water Therapy and lead a Healthy life


Here are few tips to help you drink more water

  • Keep a goal . Decide how much you need to drink.
  • Keep a bottle of water always with you.
  • Wake up and first of all have a glass of water. In addition have a glass of water before you go to bed. Make it a daily routine.  Furthermore, try to keep your bottle visible so that you do not forget.
  • Set a timer to your phone as a reminder.
  • If plain water is a little boring for you, then add a flavor for instance you can do it by squeezing in a lemon.

 Beware Excess water can be harmful

Excess water can increase your blood volume and can put a burden on your heart and blood vessels and can cause damage to your kidneys.