Fishing in Great Basin National Park

The Snake Range includes recreational lands administered by Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Great Basin National Park, Bureau of Land Management, and private lands. This mountain range includes Mt. Moriah in the north and Mount Wheeler in the south. The streams in this range, located in eastern Nevada, are not widely known for their fishing opportunities. Nonetheless, […]

Fly Fishing For Fun

Fly fishing is very different than fishing with a lure or worm type baits. The fly fisherman uses a artificial fly consisting of bites of feathers, foam, hide, fur, yarn, and other materials to be tried on to a hook that make it appealing to the type of fish you are catching. Every fly fisherman […]

California Salmon Season Opens May 1.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — May 1 marks the opening day of the California commercial salmon fishing season, which continues through October 13. “California is a leading producer of troll-caught (hook-and-line) wild king salmon along the Pacific Coast,” says Jim Anderson, Chairman of the California Salmon Council. Commercial salmon fishermen caught 4.3 million pounds of wild California […]

Fashion Rocks® at Macy’s This Fall | Business Wire

NEW YORK–( “Macy’s has a great legacy of integrating fashion and music to produce epic events,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer. “We are thrilled to be a partner in this spectacular return of Fashion Rocks, building on our own deep history with our Glamorama and Passport fashion shows and contributing our expertise in […]

The Best 500GB External Hard Drive Money Can Buy

  The other factor that makes the Seagate Expansion 500GB hard drive the best external flash drive for the money is its versatility. You can plug it into your netbook’s USB drive, offload all of your computer’s files quickly, pop the drive out and swap it over to another computer. Once it has installed its […]

Big Banks and the Forex Market Trade

The Big Boys of FOREX From reading many financial sites, you might get the idea that it’s very easy to make money in Forex (the foreign exchange market); I’m sorry to tell you that this is not true. One reason for this is that you’re competing against some major players: governments and central banks. How […]

Why Trade Forex Manually When The Robots Can Do It For You Better

Manual currency trading is not an operation that is carried out very often at all these days and even when it was, it was performed only by the highly experienced currency traders. Forex trading using robot software is the present and future way to make money without having to be an expert or spend all […]

What is Forex Day Trading?

Demand and supply are two very important factors that constitute any given economy and market. The forces of demand and supply, their expansion and contraction, their increase and decrease, govern the rise and fall of the prices of a given commodity or financial instrument, or for that matter any possible goods and service that has […]

Manually Day Trade the Forex Market with this Simple Strategy

Trading the forex market can be quite easy and profitable, if you know what trading opportunities to look for. The forex market handles more that $3 Trillion worth of transactions per day; with numbers like these there are lots of opportunities to be had, traders only need a good trading strategy and the discipline to […]

How Forex Trading Works

The word Forex is an abbreviation of ‘Foreign Exchange’ or it sometimes simply known as FX. This kind of market is a non-central, worldwide, over-the-counter market where currencies can be swapped and traded for corresponding prescribed values of trade. Forex trading essentially involves conversion of currencies at a certain specified exchange rate. The Forex market […]

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